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Looking Back 2: Zombies ate my neighbours

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Looking Back 2: Zombies ate my neighbours

Post  Serlie on Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:30 pm

Zombies ate my neighbours
Console: SNES
Genre/Style: Arcade
Details: You play as a teenager (2 player as well, 1 male and 1 female character available) who is saving the neighbours from the zombies! Use things from water guns and soda cans to bazookas and pandoras box!

I'll say this first: WHY ARE YOU HAVING A BARBECUE WHILE ZOMBIES ARE ATTACKING??? *Ahem* anyway moving on, this is another brilliant SNES game I played back as a child and we never actually completed it! It has a LOT of levels that you must crunch through and rather than the convienient save files you have now, you had to write a code after every arc in the game and that code will correspond to what level you reached. My fave boss level has to be the Giant baby... yes you read correctly A GIANT BABY STOMPS ON YOU *shudder*. Oh guess what the good news is? This is available on WiiWare! So if you got 2 classic controllers (Or 1 but it's more fun 2 player) and you want a classic arcade zombie game, I recommend this. (Of course it's personal opinion Razz)

Let's see what shall we reflect upon next week (Or rather describe)... Next week I'll look at Guardians Crusade! (Not old, old, but definately one that many forget)

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