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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

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Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Post  Serlie on Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:36 pm

Release date: Out now!
Type: RPG
Console: PSP
English site

Details: Lunar Silver Star, originally sold in 1992 in Japan, is set for a PSP remake. You play as Alex, a young boy dreaming to become a dragonmaster. Now you can experience enhanced graphics, remastered soundtrack, even more story and much more! There's even a demo up on the Playstation Store! Old and new fans can look forward to this game Very Happy

Quick review: Okay I've had a quick play of this game and by quick I mean it's a short RPG (probably about 30 hours for a regular RPG player). That's the only bad point I have about it, other than that it has a brilliant script behind it (I can't stop laughing sometimes) the battles kiiiiinda get tedious since monsters re-appear after you leave a screen but it's not awful-bad like in Lunar Genesis/Lunar Dragon Song. Worth a play if you love a good RPG classic Smile

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